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Ask the Chairman - Election for Lone Scout

October 29, 2016     Ask the Chairman

We have a "lone scout", the only remaining young man in his troop.  Long story short, he would like to have the opportunity for OA, but his troop cannot do an election.  We just found this out as he was one of the kids that went to the Jamboree from our council.

I have not checked the appropriate OA guides yet, but was wondering if there was a particular way this has been handled before.
Any suggestions from y'all would be most helpful.


If the young man is registered as a Lone Scout, then he has no means to become an OA member.  The primary responsibility of an Arrowman is to serve and support his troop or team, of which a Lone Scout does not belong.  How can a Lone Scout be recognized by his peers when he has none without a unit?  Currently, we have no provisions for electing Lone Scouts into the OA.

If the Scout is the last member of his troop, then his unit needs to recruit more members or he should find another troop or team to join.  There is no reason that a troop would be unable to have an election, aside from having 50% of the registered members at the meeting the election will be held (Page 22 of the Guide to Officers and Advisers).

Yours in Scouting,