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Ask the Chairman - Dual Membership

January 23, 2012     Ask the Chairman

Q. Seems like there are a lot of opinions out there about the policy concerning membership in more than one lodge:

Some lodges believe that an Arrowman can belong to two lodges, the lodge they entered as a scout and the lodge where they are a member as an adult. (Known as Dual membership)

Some lodges believe that as long as an Arrowman is a member of the respective council, they can join the associated lodge... no matter how many other lodges they belong to. (Plural membership).

Most lodges seem to think that an Arrowman can only belong to only one lodge and must first belong to the council associated with it.

Which one is it?

A. An Arrowman can only belong to one lodge at a time. On page 42 of the Order of the Arrow handbook, it states that dual lodge membership is not permitted. The Order of the Arrow wants to encourage Arrowmen to focus their efforts in one individual lodge and the council it is created to support rather than having their energies scattered throughout different lodges.