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Addition of Ceremonial Medallions

  John Hutchinson             Lodge Ledger

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Two of the medallions that are available for Alternative Ceremonial Clothing

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the Order of the Arrow enacted new policies and guidance regarding the attire worn by ceremonialists during ceremonies. An explanation of these changes can be found here.

Within the cited link, a breakdown of the components of each of the ceremonial uniforms can be found. These three uniforms include American Indian attire, the Scout field uniform, and the Alternative Ceremonial Clothing. One important component of the Alternative Ceremonial Clothing is the incorporation of the ceremonial neck medallions. While these medallions can also be worn with the Scout field uniform, they should not be worn with American Indian attire.

If your lodge would like to use ceremonial medallions, they can be purchased directly from the National OA Trading Post.

Questions regarding the updated ceremony guidelines can be directed towards @email.