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OA Ceremonial Update

  Rudy Lautner             Lodge Ledger, Policy Updates

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Effective January 1, 2020, changes will be enacted pertaining to the attire worn by ceremonialists during the official Order of the Arrow ceremonies. 

While American Indian attire has been the historic tradition used in OA ceremonies, circumstances may dictate that lodges use either the Scout Field Uniform or the Alternative Ceremonial Clothing. For example, Alternative Ceremonial Clothing should be used in situations where a lodge does not have a relationship with a local tribe, a local tribe has expressed concern with the use American Indian ceremonial attire for this purpose, or limited resources preclude a lodge from developing historically correct and acceptable American Indian ceremonial attire. 

Beginning in 2020 one of the following three options should be selected for OA Ordeal, Brotherhood or Vigil ceremonies:

  • American Indian attire
  • The Scout Field Uniform
  • The Alternative Ceremonial Clothing ​consisting of black shirt with black pants

For more information, please visit read the OA policy on Approved Attire for Order of the Arrow Ceremonies