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2024 OA Distinguished Service Award & Red Arrow Recipients


The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was created in 1940 to honor Order of the Arrow members, youth and adults, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The award is typically presented at National Order of the Arrow Conferences.  Since 1940 only 1,125 persons, including the following 2024 Class of 53 recipients, have been selected to receive the Distinguished Service Award:

  1. Ross Arnold
  2. Jeffrey Aster
  3. Jason Ball
  4. Timothy Beecher
  5. Kurt Everett Brown
  6. Steven Buer
  7. Vianney Careaga
  8. Matthew Carlson
  9. Adrian Castaneda
  10. Corey Channell
  11. Johncarlo Cinelli
  12. Evan Crocker
  13. James Delorey
  14. Benjamin Deveau
  15. John Donat
  16. Paul Empie
  17. Carson Paul Engelmann
  18. Mike Fowler
  19. Thomas Franklin
  20. Sam Gartzman
  21. Sean Gertsch
  22. Joseph "Joey" Grabill Jr
  23. Zachary Grinvalsky
  24. Cortney Grosz
  25. Wade Hartley
  26. Eli J. Hattersley
  27. Roger Hoyt
  28. Darryk Kelly
  29. Dave Kenneke
  30. Grant Kim
  31. Michael Kirby
  32. Matthew Kusche
  33. Vincent La Padula
  34. Carson Lee
  35. Andrew Line
  36. Adam Lucier
  37. Andrew Miller
  38. Daniel Miller
  39. Nikolaus K. Newman
  40. Michael D. Parmer
  41. Michael J. Payne
  42. Grant Phifer
  43. Alexander Pillis
  44. Timothy Reiss
  45. Michael "Mac" Richards
  46. Bradley L. Schmidt
  47. Peter Selfors
  48. Catherine Simpson
  49. Dirk Smelser
  50. Andrea Watson
  51. David Werhane
  52. Michael Whitford
  53. David Williams

The Red Arrow award was created in 1967 to recognize individuals who are not members of the Order of the Arrow, for outstanding service to the Order. This attractive award, a red arrow and medallion superimposed on an engraved plaque, and a miniature charm for civilian wear, can only be awarded by action of the National Order of the Arrow Committee. This service may take many forms and should involve a significant period of time, as opposed to a single event. Only a limited number of awards will be presented, therefore, only those nominees whose accomplishments are of the highest order will be recognized. The following 2024 Class of 3 recipients, have been selected to receive the Red Arrow Award:

  1. Rebecca Martinez
  2. Rob Ridgeway
  3. Rob Seiter