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Double Vigil Golf Classic

The Double Vigil Golf Classic (DVGC) is a golf and sporting clay tournament hosted in the Phoenix, AZ area. The events raise money for the DVGC Legacy Fund. In its 22-year history, the event has provided over $90,000 in financial contributions to the Maury Clancy Indian Campership Fund and has directly supported the OA endowment and other Scouting scholarship funds.

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OA High Adventure Alumni Association

The OA High Adventure (OAHA) Alumni Association promotes community among individuals who have facilitated adventures that last a lifetime. This alumni group aims to connect former staff members of the OAHA programs at all four of our national high adventure bases. Once a foreman, always a foreman!

Overseas Arrowmen Association

The Overseas Arrowmen Association supports the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the OA Alliance in their efforts to reconnect former members with the BSA. This includes holding reunions at both BSA National Jamborees and National Order of the Arrow Conferences (NOACs), and raising money to give back to overseas councils through direct donations and campership scholarships.

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OA National Communications Committee Alumni

Connect with fellow past and present national communications committee members, both youth and adults. Keep up with one another’s accomplishments and share opportunities within its LinkedIn group.

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Former National OA Committee and National Officer Alumni Group

The Former National OA Committee and National Officer Alumni Group comprises former members of the National OA Committee. This includes both adult members and former youth officers on the committee, such as region chiefs, national vice chiefs and national chiefs. The group regularly interacts with these members who provided service to the OA, keeps them apprised of the directives and changes, and solicits suggestions and support for the future.

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