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Visions and How to Share Them

Session Length:  32 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what a vision is
  • Learn why a vision should be created
  • Explore the power of a vision
  • Learn how to construct a vision
  • Learn how to create goals and plan for your vision
  • Learn how to make smart goals for your vision
  • Learn to share your visions with others

Required Materials:

  • Projector/screen
  • Flipchart or whiteboard and markers

Trainer Preparation:

The trainer should be someone who sees the big picture and who can inspire others.  Ideally the trainer should be an experienced former officer or adviser that has successfully created and shared a vision of his own. The trainer should be prepared to reference that vision in this presentation.

Depending on the venue, various quotes/visions can be posted around the room.