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Performing Effectively

Session Length:  40 Minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish the different roles within the Order of the Arrow
  • Define where youth roles fit into the current program
  • Best find your fit in the Order
  • Learn the objectives to your role and others
  • Learn to keep the basic Arrowmen first
  • Learn tips and tricks to please the lodge around you and how you can better your own lodge
  • Set and Understand a transition for lodge officers

Required Materials:

  • Flipcharts
  • Index cards
  • Loose Leaf Paper

Outline of the Session:

This session will set forth the precedence for how lodge leaders can effectively find their role, and then be best prepared to serve in that role. The Order of the Arrow has many resources set up for youth Arrowmen to use for their roles and this session helps to outline that. Everyone is encouraged to participate as roles that are not officers are also included. Toward the end of the session Arrowmen can work on a transition plan for the future of their Lodge. Allowing you to work with upper level officers to effectively transition so every Arrowman is benefiting from this session. We look to make sure that all Arrowmen find their role and then lead the “average” Arrowmen into the future as well.

Trainer Preparation:

Prepare by reading this syllabus through a few times so that you understand the purpose and objectives of this training session. Make sure to prepare ahead of the LLD and have all materials set up. No need to make a PowerPoint for this session. Keep the session light in nature and moving to keep Arrowmen interested. Sell the idea of servant leadership through your own personal examples as well as other real-life examples in order to provide a real life context to this training.