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One-on-One Communcations

Session Length:  25 Minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish the importance of one-on-one communication in today’s society
  • Learn keys to sending and receiving messages effectively
  • Identify main types of nonverbal communication
  • Recognize importance of getting to know your listener
  • Tie together with how personal communication is important to membership retention

Required Materials: One-On-One Communication Handout and PowerPoint

  • Communication Handout
  • One-On-One Communication PowerPoint

Outline of the Session:

  • This session will serve to identify the key aspects of one-on-one communication, and specifically how it can aid in membership retention. The trainer will review the most important components of both verbal and nonverbal communication, and will stress how essential it is to be able to individually communicate not only in Scouting, but in life in general.

Trainer Preparation:

  • Prior to presenting, make sure to have a firm background on different types of communication. A large part of the session is discussion-based, so you will want to be prepared for a variety of potential answers. You are also encouraged to set the room in a U-shape or some other style that invites discussion rather than a traditional classroom setting.