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New LLD: Presenting the New LLD

Through this session, you will:
Explain: An overview of why we rewrote the Lodge Leadership Development program, how we attacked the project, and what, specifically, we did to make this a high-quality training resource; the importance of a powerful introduction; the critical and overlooked impact of good posture; and necessity of setting a goal before you approach a presentation.
Demonstrate: An intentional introduction; good posture at all times, unless demonstrating the effects of poor posture; and the fluency a session can maintain when we center our presentation upon a goal.
Guide: Participants in their introduction by providing positive affirmation of things they did well and constructive feedback on what they can improve on; to perpetuate good posture by complimenting those who demonstrate good posture throughout my presentation, and pay close attention to those whom showed improvement and publicly commend them for their posture amendment; by working with members to devise sound goals; and peruse appropriate conversation to crystalize understanding.
Enable: Participants to be able to completely plan, develop, and run their own LLD programParticipants to feel confident by reinforcing good posture technique; to believe in themselves, the words they say, and the material they present; devise meaningful goals and remain cognizant while personalizing, preparing and presenting their session; and to never overlook a proper introduction.