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Goal Setting and Time Management

Session Length:  45-50 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Help leaders prioritize goals and tasks effectively
  • Show Arrowmen the importance and significance of a to-do list and back dater
  • Identify areas of stress and effective ways to deal with these stressful environments
  • Recognize the importance of goal setting and how that can contribute to the success of a lodge or chapter

Required Materials:

  • Post-It Notes
  • Note Cards
  • Extra Pens
  • Flip Charts

Outline of the Session:

  • This session will help give Arrowmen the information to effectively set goals and manage their time wisely. They will learn the importance of these skills, and be taught how to implement them in their lodges and chapters.

Trainer Preparation:

  • Study the syllabus and be thoroughly familiar with the material
  • Ensure that the training area is adequate and properly set up for the session