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Cheerful Service in the Community

Session Length:  25 Minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of serving cheerfully in the community
  • How to select, plan, and execute community service projects
  • How to evaluate successful projects and correct any problems identified

Required Materials:

  • Copy of Lodge Community Service Guide
  • Flip chart, markers, pencils, and plain paper
  • Copy of signed approval form from Scout Executive
  • Copies for all attendees of Community Service Project Schedule
  • Several copies of evaluation sheet (for random evaluation of session)
  • Sufficient copies of all handouts for each participant

Session Outline:

This session will enable the trainer to provide guidelines for the attendees to follow in order to perform successful community service projects in their local Lodges.

Trainer Preparation:

The trainer will need to review the Order of the Arrow Lodge Community Service Guide for correct ways to select, staff, perform, and evaluate community service projects in their Lodge. Another good source for the trainer is to access local organizations that serve multiple areas based on manpower, hours available, and ability to complete a project.