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Budgeting for Success: Workshop

Session Length:  30 Minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Articulate their goals relating to event budgeting
  • Conduct research necessary for formulating a budget
  • Identify fixed and variable costs and revenues
  • Use a basic Microsoft Excel model to formulate a budget
  • Manage their budget once it has been approved

Required Materials:

  • Screen and projector
  • Notebook Computer with Microsoft Excel
  • Budgeting for Success PowerPoint
  • Simple Excel model file
  • Individually wrapped candy (Tootsie Rolls, Starburst, etc.)

Outline of the Session:

  1. Introduction – 2 minutes
    1. Introduce Trainer
    2. Recall event buzz session completed in the first budget session
    3. Reintroduce roadmap to success steps
  2. Application – 25 minutes – This part of the cell will challenge participants to apply the concepts they learned to a realistic scenario. Earlier in the cell, participants worked in buzz groups to plan the details of a hypothetical event. The trainer will give each group of participants an arbitrary budget, represented by candies. Groups will be challenged to allocate their candies as they see fit, using the principles of budgeting presented in this cell.
  3. Summary – 3 minutes
  4. Take Away Challenge – 2 minutes

Trainer Preparation:

General Preparation: The trainer should be a youth experienced with lodge budgets, like the treasurer or an event coordinator. Having some background in accounting, finance, and Microsoft Excel is also helpful.  It is essential for him to be familiar not only with the budgeting exercise in this session, but with the budgeting roadmap presented in the first budgeting session so he can answer questions related to the steps.

Logistical Preparation: The trainer should have a copy of the first session syllabus so he can refer back to it if questions arise. Be sure the LLD attendance is broken up into groups. This will be helpful for the activity. Buy (or request) several bags of individually wrapped candies, like Starburst or Tootsie Rolls, which will be used during the activity.

Microsoft Excel Preparation: The trainer should have the basic Microsoft Excel budget model that accompanies this session pulled up on the presentation screen for use later in the session. The trainer should practice using this model well before delivering the presentation.