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Adult Role in the Eyes of a Youth

Session Length: 40 Minutes

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the role of the adult in the Order of the Arrow
  • Overview the types of advisers in the Order of the Arrow
  • Distinguish between the role of an adult in a Boy Scout unit and their role in the OA
  • Understand where an adult can assist youth in helping to bridge the gap between past leadership experiences and current job descriptions
  • How to communicate effectively with an adult adviser
  • How to leverage the skills and knowledge of an adviser to assist in meeting goals and in fulfilling a mission

Required materials:

  • Video clip (from The West Wing)
  • Flip chart & markers
  • Beach ball (with adviser attributes written on it)
  • Sticky notes
  • Computer
  • Presentation file
  • Note taking paper (to give to participants)

Outline of the session:

  • Introduction of trainer
  • Introductions of participants
  • Overview of mission of the OA
  • Run-down of the role of the adult

Trainer preparation:

It’s important that the trainer for this cell has had a few years of experience in a leadership role in the Order of the Arrow and can draw on their experiences of working with an adult adviser. Specifically – an older youth or young adult. It is important to use anecdotes to add an element of personality. The trainer should discuss stories of times where their adviser/youth relationship was effective and times where it was not. Engaging the audience in conversation about their experiences is another key component of ensuring the success of this session. Throughout the session – take every opportunity to let the participants come to conclusions themselves.