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Our History

Wabaningo Lodge Emblem Handbook Produced

Wabaningo Lodge Emblem Handbook Published, the First Book on OA Patches

In 1952 Dwight W. Bischel published the Wabaningo Lodge Emblem Handbook, the “Wab” Book for short. It was a book sanctioned and actively promoted by the National OA Committee and was the first book to primarily feature OA patches. It was not a history book. It was an attempt to show a current or near current badge from each OA lodge that had issued what they called an emblem. (Note – they were called emblems in 1952 because they were emblematic; they stood for something. The ideal purpose for issuing insignia for the OA.)

Virtually all of the badges issued since 1952 are catalogued and known. Our knowledge of the insignia prior to the issuance of the Wab book is much more incomplete, the further back in time the less our knowledge. Dwight Bischel was not the first patch collector; swapping OA badges went back to the 1930s. What he was is the first to attempt a catalog. For that he is the founder of the modern OA patch hobby that has been present at all national and most regional, area, sectional and local OA events since publication.