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Our History

Tribe Reverts back to "Lodge"

The Term "Tribe" Reverts Back to "Lodge" After 14 Months

By early March 1936 after scarcely 14 months, the BSA decided that they no longer wanted the term “tribe” to be used by the Order of the Arrow. The reason cited was conflict with use of the same term by the Lone Scout program.

After much discussion it was decided that the OA would return to use of the term “Lodge” for a local unit. Unami Tribe reverted back to Unami Lodge, Sanhican Tribe once again was Sanhican Lodge and so on. What was once called the Grand Lodge and had changed to the National Tribe would become known as the National Lodge. As National Lodge Chief Thomas Cairns put it, “many of us seem happy to have again the use of the word ‘lodge’”.