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Our History

Treasure Island Mural

Treasure Island Mural, 1936

Painted by Edward Spicer


The mural, Treasure Island is a painting of a map of the island by artist Edward Spicer.  It is a cornerstone to OA Art History.

The 12 foot-wide, seven-foot tall panel mural was dedicated to the Order at the 1936 National Lodge Meeting hosted by Unami Lodge on Treasure Island. The painting depicts an aerial outline of the island surrounded by the Delaware River. Various areas of camp, including the Unami Ceremonial Grounds , are suggested by indian figures indicating the history of Leni Lenape living on Island.

The large work was displayed prominently in the Treasure Island dining hall above the kitchen doors for approximately 75 years. When Treasure Island closed in 2008 the painting was abandoned until years later when it was de-installed and brought to Camp Delmont.

In 2015, the Cradle of Liberty Council made a significant donation and gave the painting to the Order of the Arrow. Additionally, The National Order of the Arrow Committee created a fund to completely restore the mural to its original beauty by an art conservationist and for transportation.  For the first time the mural was scheduled to be displayed anywhere other than on Treasure Island. The restored mural was presented to thousands of Arrowmen in the 2015 NOAC GEO at the National Order of the Arrow Conference at Michigan State University.