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Our History

Third Grand Lodge Meeting

Third Grand Lodge Meeting Hosted by Nentico Lodge 12 of Baltimore

The Third Meeting of the Grand Lodge was held on October 12 and 13, 1923 at Camp Linstead. Nentico Lodge was the host along with their Supreme Chief of the Fire (Scout Executive) and Grand Lodge Scribe W. Perry Bradley. Seven lodges were in attendance with a total of 17 delegates. The Grand Lodge was dealing with a financial issue. The Grand Lodge Treasurer and the twelth Arrowman to keep the Third Degree (Vigil Honor), Bartram H. Dilks, a Scout professional from Harrisburg had disappeared, as had the Grand Lodge funds. Additionally, Dilks had received dues and installation fees from the new Chicago Lodges, however, the Grand Lodge Scribe had no record of these new lodges (hearkening memories of their votes not being allowed the year before), nonetheless their checks had been cashed.

A decision was made to have a Regional Executive, Roy F. Seymour, write Mr. Dilks a letter in his professional capacity and as a member of the Wimachtendienk. The letter would remind Dilks that it was “a serious indictment against the standing of a professional official of the Boy Scouts of America…” It is unknown if the money was returned or what happened to Dilks.

E. Urner Goodman was absent from the meeting due to illness (tuberculosis). As a result he was not present to see his co-founder Edson run unopposed securing the position of Grand Chieftain after falling short the previous two meetings. William Stumpp of Ranachqua Lodge, The Bronx, New York defeated Robert Henderson of Minsi Lodge, Reading, Pennsylvania to become Grand Lodge Scribe. Host W. Perry Bradley who had served as Grand Scribe was elected Grand Lodge Treasurer defeating J. D. Carstang of Pamrapaugh Lodge of Bayonne, New Jersey. Horace Kern of Unami Lodge was elected Chief Supply Officer defeating Alfred Nichols of Unami Lodge.

There was other business regarding ephemera and insignia. The Grand Lodge authorized the Chief Supply Officer to create engraved membership cards. Regarding insignia, a motion was made to change the insignia to a totem pin where the lodge totem was separated from the arrow, and instead connected by a chain. This type pin was already in use by Minsi Lodge in Reading Pennsylvania. The motion was not approved and would not change for another five years.