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Our History

Sixth Grand Lodge Meeting

Sixth Grand Lodge Meeting Hosted by Reading Lodge of Reading, PA - Lodges are Retroactively Numbered

The 1926 Sixth Meeting of the Grand Lodge was the second held at Camp Indiandale. Minsi Lodge of Reading, Pennsylvania hosted the eight lodges in attendance. The number of delegates is not known. This meeting was a working meeting where committee reports were reviewed and changes were made in the by-laws and rituals. The most substantive change to the By-laws was a decision to hold the Grand Lodge Meetings every other year starting in 1927. A committee was charged with exploring the concept of setting up regions and sections to hold meetings in non Grand Lodge meeting years. The Nominating committee tapped Robert Henderson of host Minsi Lodge to be Grand Chieftain and William A. Stumpp of Ranachqua Lodge, The Bronx, New York for Vice Grand Chieftain. However a nomination came from the floor for Grand Chieftain. Robert Henderson himself, the nominating committee’s selection for Grand Chieftain, nominated Stumpp for Grand Chieftain. As the result William A. Stumpp became the sixth Grand Chieftain. Robert Henderson became Vice Grand Chieftain. Harvey A. Gordon, Cowaw Lodge, Perth Amboy was re-elected for a third term as Grand Scribe and Herbert Birch of Sanhican Lodge, Trenton, New Jersey was elected Grand Treasurer.