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Our History

Second Lodge Formed

Second Lodge Formed - Trenton Lodge - Feb. 1, 1919

On February 1, 1919, Trenton Lodge* located in Trenton, New Jersey of the Trenton Council became the Order’s second lodge. This was the first expansion of Wimachtendienk into another council. News of this novel idea of a fraternity based on cheerfully serving others would spread, until within fifty years nearly every council in the BSA had their own lodge.

* It was common in early Grand Lodge Meeting minutes to see lodges referred to by their city (e.g. the Lodge from Philadelphia or the Reading Lodge.) This was so Arrowmen would know where other members were from. It is possible that the name Trenton Lodge was only referencing the city. This lodge would later become known as Sanhican Lodge 2.

Pictured is mid-1920s Sanhican Lodge Second Degree (Brotherhood) totem pin.