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Scouts Helping Scouts

Northeast Region Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

Hurricane Sandy, and the storm that followed her, brought severe damage to people, places, and things across the Northeast Region. In an effort to help, the Leadership Team of the Northeast Region OA including 2012 Region Chief Eric Bush, 2013 Region Chief Tyler Allen, Northeast Region Chairman Mark Chilutti, and staff adviser Brian Gray raised over $57,000 from all parts of the country and awarded it to OA Lodges in the Northeast to help complete projects at their council camps to clean up and rebuild after the storm.  Part of the money raised was from the sale of special "Scouts helping Scouts" patches.

Lodges could apply for grants of up to $7,500.  The applications included the Scout Executive’s signature to make sure the council was on board and pictures were required with the application to show the storm damage.  There was also an expectation of lodge members giving service as part of the project and other lodges have been encouraged to participate as well.

As a result of the OA’s action, multiple camps affected by Hurricane Sandy could plan for opening their camps on time and functional.

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