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Our History

Regions and Sub-Areas

Lodges Grouped into Areas Designated by the 12 Regions with Sub Areas by Letters

By 1948 the OA was active in every region and a new system for dividing areas for informational and fellowship purposes was needed. In the 1946 reorganization Area “U” had been divided into Area’s 12A, 12B and 12C. Now that the OA was a full National BSA program they were going to take full advantage of the BSA 12 region system. In September 1948 the new areas were announced. Regions with only one area, such as Region 1 only had Area 1A. Region 7 had six areas, Area 7A through Area 7F.

Over the years, even this system would be revised as the OA continued growth. However, using the 12-region structure proved flexible enough to be used for the next 25 years.