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Our History

OA Endowment Fund

The National Order of the Arrow Endowment Fund Created

The National Order of the Arrow Endowment Fund was started at the end of 1978. The initial $15,000 placed in the Endowment came from the sale of plastic Vigil Honor membership cards. Sales of these Vigil Honor cards allowed the OA to purchase two Joseph Csatari paintings, Gift of a Lifetime and Visions of the Founder. Later, the cards provided the seed money to start the Endowment.The National Order of the Arrow Endowment Fund was created to preserve and perpetuate the history and traditions of the OA. To date, the interest, dividends and other earnings from this endowment has provided crucial funding to such programs as the OA Trail Crew, the OA Wilderness Voyage, the OA Ocean Adventure, the OA Museum and popular attractions at the Boy Scout National Jamborees, such as Scoutopia, Twelve Cubed, and The Mysterium Compass.

Arrowmen are encouraged to give to the Endowment fund. One method is by purchasing special endowment recognition pieces. Another is by becoming a National Order of the Arrow Legacy Fellowship recipient or becoming a member of The Goodman Society.

The Goodman Society has been specifically created to honor and perpetuate the memory of the Founder of the Order of the Arrow, E. Urner Goodman. Membership in the Goodman Society is available to all Arrowmen, former and current, who desire to be a part of a national fellowship to perpetuate the ideals and mission of the OA. Membership is extended to those who incorporate the National OA Endowment in their charitable bequests, charitable trusts, or life insurance/retirement plan designations.