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OA Charter Members

Twenty Five Charter Members of Wimachtendienk Including Goodman and Edson

The Constitution of the Wimachtendienk approved in June 1916 states in section IV – Membership:

Charter Membership – The directors of Treasure Island Camp for the season of 1915 together with all those who, elected to membership in the order during that season, have previous to the 1st day of July 1916, signified their wish and intention to maintain interest and membership in the order, shall constitute its charter membership.

The list that follows are the 23 Scouts elected to membership in Wimachtendienk in 1915 and they are the first year inductees in the Order. Goodman and Edson’s names are added for a total of 25 members that came out of Treasure Island Scout Reservation in 1915. They are not “Charter Members” as defined by the Constitution of Wimachtendienk, but they are the initial inaugural year members.

First Week: July 16, 1915

   Robert Craig

   Gilpin Allen

Second Week: July 23, 1915

   Edward Pilkington

   Robert Gordon

   W.C. McCullough

   August Wainwright

Third Week: July 30, 1915

   Norman McConnel

   Walter Marshbank

   Edward Krein

   Joseph Simon

Fourth Week: August 5, 1915

   Linder Bongardt

   Robert L. King

   Howard L. Seideman

   Jack Rosselle

   Barret Culin

   Edmund Lloyd

   Joseph Cohen

Fifth Week: August 13, 1915

   Edgar Hewish

   William Spaeth

   William Hirst

   Louis Moss

   George Chapman

   Harry A. Yoder

There were ten Scouts that met the Wimachtendienk constitutional requirements to be considered Charter members. Unami Lodge records confirm that the following ten Arrowmen signified their “wish and intention to maintain interest and membership in the Order” and are the Charter Members of WWW:

   E. Urner Goodman

   Edward M. Krein

   Jack Roselle

   Norman J. McConnell

   Howard D. Seideman

   Harry A. Yoder

   Carroll A. Edson

   Edward Pilkington

   William S. Spaeth

   George W. Chapman