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Our History

NOAC 1990 - 75th Anniversary

1990 75th Anniversary National Order of the Arrow Conference

The 75th Anniversary Meeting was a highly anticipated National Order of the Arrow Conference. A record 6,907 Arrowmen met for the festivities at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana. The previous mark of 5,200 had been set 19 years earlier in 1971 at the University of Illinois. This was the seventh NOAC to be held at Indiana University and the first in 21 years. One change was the NOAC host lodge had merged and now was Nicha Chuppecat Lodge.

A tradition that started in 1990 was the NOAC Museum. Ken Davis’s Brotherhood of Cheerful Service book and the 75th Anniversary had stimulated interest in the history of the OA. The museum had a very modest start, one “small obscure room”. It has since grown to become a major must-see feature of any NOAC.

Richard H. Leet, BSA National President gave the keynote address and was presented the Distinguished Service Award from National OA Committee Chairman Dr. Carl Marchetti.

The theme for the NOAC was “Seek the knowledge…Share the Spirit.” The 1990 NOAC probably had the largest gathering of past National Chiefs and National Vice Chiefs. There were at least 10 former National Chiefs and five former National Vice Chiefs present.  

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was presented to 37 Arrowmen.