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Our History

Ninth National OA Committee Chair

Ray Capp Named Ninth National OA Committee Chairman

On September 1, 2009 former Vice Chairman of the National OA Committee Ray Capp became the Order’s ninth National OA Committee Chairman. Capp succeeded Brad Haddock who had served the Order for eight and a half years as the committee chair. Ray Capp was appointed to the National OA Committee in 2000.

Among initial actions by Capp was the restructuring of national sub-committees. The Unit, Chapter and Lodge Support Sub-Committee became the subcommittee of emphasis for Capp. Capp appointed National OA Committee Vice Chairman Randy Kline to lead this important committee. Capp said,

Helping our units, chapters and lodges to be successful, by giving them tools to do their jobs more easily, is the key to understanding my philosophy about the OA.

Ray Capp also created the new History, Preservation and 100th Anniversary Sub-Committee led by National OA Committee Vice Chairman Tony Steinhardt. This committee is charged with, among other things, preparing the Order for its centennial. This OA History Timeline is a direct result of this new sub-committee.