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Our History

National Standard Lodge Created

National Standard Lodge Criteria Created

In 1957 the lodge re-charter process and forms were changed from an information device to a “policy compliance” agreement.

Questions regarding ceremonies, membership, administration, rules, adults, and funds were incorporated, requiring a “yes” or “no” answer, thus establishing the first “standards” for lodges. In 1960, a total of 16 questions were developed as part of a lodge training effort. These questions were listed for “appraising the operation of an Order of the Arrow lodge” and became the first formal set of standards provided to lodges.

In 1968, based mostly on the 16 questions, a formal National Standard Lodge (NSL) program was established. In the initial rollout, only three lodges earned NSL status, largely due to the 50% Brotherhood requirement, which only eight lodges achieved. By 1970, 71 lodges (out of 488 total) were National Standard Lodges. In 1978, the program was replaced with the “Lodge Achievement Program” and then later the National Quality Lodge Program.

In 2006, a Quality Lodge pin to recognize the efforts of Arrowmen was introduced with proceeds from the Quality Lodge pin sales going to the Order’s Endowment fund.