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Our History

Lodges are Numbered

The Grand Lodge Retroactively Numbers the Lodges

Prior to 1926, listings of lodges kept by the Grand Lodge were typically alphabetical or loosely related to the order that the lodges originally applied for charter. In 1926 the decision was made to give each lodge a unique number. Because these numbers were applied retroactively, errors did occur. For example, even though Pamrapaugh Lodge of Bayonne, New Jersey was one of the original eleven charter lodges present for the 1921 Grand Lodge Meeting, they were given the number 14. In its place, Wawonaissa Lodge of Fanwood, New Jersey was erroneously given the number ten. It is not surprising that the decision was made to number lodges. In the early years of the Grand Lodge and Wimachtendienk there was a tendency to number everything.  It was an easy way to keep track of data in an age long before computers.

Large lodges like Unami Lodge of Philadelphia and Moqua Lodge of Chicago gave each member a unique number. That number was given in their respective order of membership in the lodge. The Grand Lodge also used numbers for all Third Degree members (Vigil Honor members).  The practice of numbering lodges continued until 2004.