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Our History

Legacy Project

Legacy Project 2015


Introduced at the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), Legacy Project 2015 was a multi-phase project that aimed to have lodges think about their legacies. The four year-long phases included the lodge rock, legacy lid, history book, and centennial fire. Lodges left the 2012 NOAC with instructions and a crate.

Lodge Rock – During 2012 each lodge was asked to mail an engraved rock to national chairman, Ray Capp, with their lodge’s name and location of their council office. Lodge rocks have been incorporated into the design of the new Summit Circle, the Order’s national ceremonial grounds at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Legacy Lid – During 2013 each lodge was asked to paint the lid of their crate with an image that represents their lodge’s legacy. Lodges kept the lid as a memento.

History Book – During 2014 each lodge was asked to create a lodge history book to establish a written record of their lodge’s unique story. Digital copies were submitted for inclusion in the Order of the Arrow Archives and a printed copy was requested for preservation and research in the National Scouting Museum.

Centennial Fire – During 2015 each lodge was asked to contribute firewood for use in the 2015 NOAC Centennial Fire. Lodges received a vial at the end of the conference that contained ashes yielded from the contributions of all lodges.

At the 2015 NOAC, the culmination of each lodge’s effort was put on display in the Legacy Project tent. Legacy Lodge Rocks also were displayed.