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Our History

Joseph Csatari

Profile - Joseph Csatari

Joseph Csatari was born in 1929, the son of Hungarian immigrants. He studied art and was hired by the BSA in 1953. Csatari would reach international acclaim for his work as a realist illustrator, water colorist and portrait artist. Csatari is still an active artist painting in his hometown of South River, New Jersey.

In 1963 Csatari completed his first oil painting for the Order of the Arrow, The Higher Vision. Four years later a member of Aquehongian Lodge, Harold Cairney, commissioned Csatari to Paint an OA themed painting The Ordeal. Cairney had replicated the feat of other Vigil members in his lodge that had commissioned The Higher Vision. Cairney did it by baking and selling hundreds of pies.

Csatari held numerous positions with the Boy Scouts of America including Art Director of Boys' Life Magazine. Norman Rockwell was Csatari’s mentor. In the early 1970s Csatari became Rockwell’s protégé. He assisted Rockwell with his work, gathering models, drawing sketches, coming up with themes and handling fine work as Rockwell became less steady. In 1977 Csatari became the official artist of the Boy Scouts of America.

Over the years Csatari has completed several paintings for the Order of the Arrow and most recently has completed a painting to commemorate the centennial of the OA; Visions of the Founder. Visions of the Founder features a young E. Urner Goodman explaining his vision of the Order to two young Scouts, Goodman's vision depicted in the background.  The painting was unveiled at the 2012 NOAC.