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Our History

Goodman Joins Scouting

E. Urner Goodman Becomes Scoutmaster of Troop 1, Philadelphia

Dr. Goodman began his Scouting career in 1911 at the age of twenty in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Two young Scouts, Gil Talmadge and Boyd Johnson, from Troop 1 knocked on his parent's door, and told him they were looking for a Scoutmaster.

In his four years as Scoutmaster, the troop grew to more than 100 Scouts. Goodman’s troop was considered the most exciting to be a part of and he took them camping as their Scoutmaster at Treasure Island.

A contemporary of Goodman described him in 1912 as,

well beloved by the boys, enjoys their confidence and is heart and soul in this phase of the work.

In later years, he would recall with nostalgia his troop, noting that renowned composer Albert Hay Malotte was "one of his boys" in Troop 1.