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Our History

Goodman - First Director of Program

E. Urner Goodman Appointed the First Director of Program

Goodman’s tenure as Scout Executive in Chicago ended, on April 1, 1931, E Urner Goodman became the first BSA Director of Program. Chief Scout Executive James E. West’s appointment followed Goodman's four year’s as Scout Executive in the nations largest council not directly overseen by the national office.

Program Director was an extremely high executive, one of the four division director positions (business, operations and personnel being the others) that reported directly to the Chief Scout. As Director of Program, Goodman was responsible for the establishment of the BSA’s Cub Scout and Explorer programs. He also oversaw the writing of the first Scout Field Guide.

Goodman retired in 1951 after 20 years as Director and 35+ years as a professional Scouter. At the time of his retirement, the Order was active in two thirds of all councils and virtually all other non-OA fraternal camp societies had been replaced by OA or were in great decline.