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Fourth Lifetime Achievement Award

Del Loder Receives Fourth Lifetime Achievement Award

Del Loder is the fourth Arrowman to be awarded the OA’s most prestigious honor: The Lifetime Achievement Award. Del is a Vigil Honor member of T'Kope Kwiskwis lodge in Seattle, WA and has been involved in scouting for over 65 years.

Del was inducted into the OA on July 3, 1954, and became a Brotherhood member in 1955 and was recognized with the Vigil Honor in 1958. Del has served the OA in many capacities including: Lodge Adviser, Associate Section and Section Adviser, National OA Committee member, Western Region Area One Adviser and Western Region Chairman.

Del has served on the National OA Committee in a number of capacities since 1973, and he received the OA Distinguished Service Award in 1975. Del, in serving his beloved Order of the Arrow has touched so many lives.

Following is an excerpt from Del Loder’s speech upon receiving the award at the 2009 NOAC:

To employ the Power of One you first have to understand, know and actively believe and follow the Tenth point of the Scout Law, a Scout is Brave. As I remember as I memorized it over 65 years ago: A SCOUT IS BRAVE, he has the courage to face danger in spite of fear, to stand up for the right against coaxing of friends or jeers and threats of enemies. Defeat does him down. With this in mind and in your habit memory you can begin to use the power of one. But remember you must be brave. You will know that in the beginning of the Power of One, you must understand that in each one of us there burns a flame of independence and integrity that must never be allowed to go out. That as long as it burns within us we cannot be destroyed. We will find the truth . . .