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Our History

Fourth Grand Lodge Meeting

Fourth Meeting of The Grand Lodge Hosted by Ranachqua Lodge of The Bronx, NY

Ranachqua Lodge hosted the Fourth Meeting of the Grand Lodge at the Kanohwanke Scout Camp near Tuxedo, New York. A record 10 lodges were present, it is unknown the number of delegates. A major topic involved voting rights. All Lodges had one vote at a Grand Lodge Meeting. A lodge with 400 members had as much voting power as a lodge with six Arrowmen. It was decided that each lodge should get one additional vote for every 100 Arrowmen. Alfred C. Nichols, Jr. of Unami Lodge was elected Grand Chieftain. Harvey A. Gordon of Cowaw Lodge, Perth Amboy, New Jersey was elected Grand Scribe. Joseph D. Carstang of Pamrapaugh Lodge, Bayonne, New Jersey was elected Grand Treasurer. Goodman remarked that the Order was being run by a young man, “who as a boy was initiated in the mother lodge years ago” about the election of Al Nichols.