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Our History

First Regional Meetings

First Regional Grand Lodge Meetings

Following the decision in 1927 to only hold Grand Lodge meetings every other year, Regions 2 (New Jersey, New York) and 3 (Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland) held the first Regional Meetings of the Grand Lodge.

One of the purposes for these meetings was fellowship. They were also intended to find ways to improve the Order, local lodges, ceremonies and to exchange ideas. Regional Grand Lodge meetings were seen as a way to get lodges to participate on a multi-lodge level that had not attended Grand Lodge Meetings in the past. One hope was that the attendees would be encouraged to send delegates to the next Grand Lodge Meeting.

Chappegat Lodge, New Rochelle, New York at their Camp Siwanoy, hosted the first of the Regional Meetings. Walter G. Seely of the host lodge served as Chairman. Region Two held elections for regional offices (Region 3 did not). Robroy Price of Buffalo Lodge, Schenectady, New York was elected the first Regional Grand Chieftain. E.K. Jordon of Chappegat Lodge was elected Regional Grand Vice Chieftain and Idwal Roberts of Ranachqua Lodge, The Bronx, New York was elected Regional Grand Scribe. Octoraro Lodge (although their name is not in the minutes) of Chester County, Pennsylvania hosted the first Region 3 Grand Lodge Meeting at Camp Horseshoe. Grand Chieftain Robert Henderson chaired the meeting. The minutes reflect that seven of the region’s nine lodges were in attendance. These meetings had a feel very much like modern area and section meetings, in number of lodges, location and fellowship.