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Our History

First Officers Elected

Election of First Officers - George Chapman Elected First Chief

The Constitution of Wimachtendienk defined the Offices of the Order. The Camp Director was assigned the office of Medu, Chief of the Fire. The Assistant Camp Director was the Vice-Chief of the Fire called Pow wow. These two offices along with the Scout Executive and any past Camp Director or Assistant Director made up the Advisory Council. These were the adult leadership offices of Wimachtendienk. With the passage of the Constitution of Wimachtendienk, the first order of business was to elect the youth officers. All Arrowmen other than members of the Advisory Council could vote. In 1916 that meant that only youth Arrowmen were voting and that all elected officers were youth. George Chapman was elected Sakima, Chief of Wimachtendienk the first youth officer of the Order. Barrett H. Culin was elected Olomipees, the Recorder (scribe). Louis Moss was elected Mawachpo, the treasurer and Harry A. Yoder was elected Nutiket, the Sergeant-at-arms.