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Our History

First Insignia

Constitution Provision-First Insignia Approved.

For years and years generations of Arrowmen have swapped and collected OA badges. Over 2,000 new pieces of OA insignia are issued every single year. However, in the beginning it was not patches, it was pins, some as small as a dime that were issued as insignia. Wimachtendienk was started as a fraternity and fraternities frequently use pins, starting with a pledge pin.

Article III – Insignia, in the 1916 Constitution of Wimachtendienk reads,

The tortoise shall be the general insignia of the Order; for the First Degree the insignia shall be the arrow superimposed on the back of the tortoise; for the Second Degree the insignia shall be the triangle superimposed on the back of the tortoise. The pin of the Order shall bear the above insignia; the pledge pin shall be the arrow.

Examples are known of these three pins. They are the original OA insignia which eventually evolved into the OA patches we use today.