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Our History

First Grand Lodge Officers

Election of First Grand Lodge Officers

The first elections for officers of the Grand Lodge were held at the first Grand Lodge Meeting pursuant to the newly ratified constitution. There were three offices: The Grand Chieftain (Eluwak Kittakima), The Grand Scribe (Eluwak Lekhiket) and The Grand Treasurer (Eluwak Mawachpo).The first election held was for Grand Chieftain. The first Arrowman nominated was co-founder Carroll A. Edson then of Moqua Lodge, Chicago, Illinois. After Edson’s nomination, E. Urner Goodman of Unami Lodge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was nominated. The election was held with each lodge receiving one vote. E. Urner Goodman was elected on the first ballot.

Elections were then held for The Grand Lodge Scribe and The Grand Lodge Treasurer. The nominees for Grand Scribe were Edson and E. R. Carrick of Unalactgo Lodge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The nominees for Grand Treasurer were future Chief Scout Executive Arthur A. Schuck of Minsi Lodge, Reading, Pennsylvania and J. Oliver Smith of Sanhican Lodge, Trenton, New Jersey.

After the first ballot Arthur A. Schuck was elected Grand Treasurer. Edson and E. R. Carrick were tied and a second ballot was held with E. R. Carrick prevailing.