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Our History

First Grand Lodge Membership Card

First Grand Lodge Issued Membership Cards

With the formation of the Grand Lodge there was a desire for a Wimachtendienk membership card that could be used by those lodges that did not choose to print their own cards.

According to the minutes of the Grand Lodge Session at Camp Linstead, Baltimore, MD, on October 12-13, 1923: 

It was recommended that an engraved individual membership certificate be made available at a price that would provide a profit for the Grand Lodge, and we recommend that the Supply Officer draw up and submit such a certificate.

There is no record as to when the first Grand Lodge card was printed. It was likely created later in 1923 or in 1924. The earliest known copy of a Grand Lodge printed membership card [Type 1] is from 1925 with dues paid to 1926. The card has the name “Wimachtendienk W.W.” on it. Examples of this card have been found with “dues paid” to dates as late as 1932.