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Our History

Fifth Grand Lodge Meeting

Fifth Grand Lodge Meeting Hosted by Unami Lodge

For the Fifth Grand Lodge Meeting and 10th Anniversary of Wimachtendienk, W.W. the Grand Lodge returned to Philadelphia and Treasure Island with Unami Lodge the host. 27 delegates from nine lodges attended the assembly. At the meeting it was determined that certain changes had to be made in ceremonies to satisfy religious organizations. Also a full update of the constitution was passed. The greatest change was in nomenclature. First, Second and Third Degrees would now also be called "Ordeal", "Brotherhood" and "Vigil".

A Statement of Policy was also created. The policy stated that the Order of the Arrow was an adjunct of Scouting and no OA policies could be in conflict with the BSA. It further stated that the mother tongue of WWW was Lenni Lenape and that the Order was a “camp honor brotherhood of the Boy Scouts of America, designed to further Scout ideals therein.” Other points included that meetings of the lodge could be for business, social, planning or operational purposes to serve camp and camp spirit between seasons. One point specifically cautioned against over emphasis of Indian lore. Another policy stated that only First Class Councils (those with a full time professional) could have Wimachtendienk. A key guideline was an admonition that the Order must grow under its own merits and that no propaganda or promotion shall take place.

The last point in the guidelines was a requirement that lodges maintain the tradition of non-members electing members. Lodges were not allowed to replace what Goodman considered important democratic principles. Lodges also were forbidden from vetoing a candidate elected by his peers. This provision prevented blackballing; where a single member for any reason or no reason could keep someone out even if duly elected.

E. Ridgeway Carrick of Sanhican Lodge, Trenton, New Jersey was elected Grand Chieftain. Joseph D. Carstang from Cowaw Lodge was elected to the newly created Grand Vice Chieftain. Harvey A. Gordon, also of Cowaw Lodge was re-elected Grand Scribe. Lester Harrison of Chappegat Lodge was elected Grand Treasurer.