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Our History

Field Executive Edson Forms Seventh Lodge

Carroll A. Edson Becomes Field Executive in Chicago Council and Founds Moqua Lodge of Chicago, IL

In January 1921 OA Co-Founder Carroll A. Edson became the field executive for the South Shore District of the Chicago Council. Edson brought Wimachtendienk with him and on June 15th, 1921 formed the Order’s seventh lodge, Moqua Lodge 7 at the Owasippe Scout Reservation located near Whitehall, Michigan.Edson initiated a total of five lodges in Chicago Council; Moqua Lodge 7, Wakay Lodge 13, Checaugau Lodge 21, Blackhawk Lodge 23 and Garrison Lodge 25. In 1929 Owasippe Lodge 7 was formed out of the merger of these five lodges.