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Our History

Charter Member Lodges

First Eleven Lodges Considered Charter Lodges

The first eleven lodges were considered the “Charter” Lodges of the Wimachtendienk. All other lodges since have been required to submit a request for charter from the Grand Lodge. Wimachtendienk did form at other Scout camps prior to the first Grand Lodge Meeting. The identities of these lodges were unknown to the Charter Lodges. When the first Grand Lodge Meeting was held in October 1921, it was stated that it was attended by 8 of the eleven known lodges.

Those eleven lodges were:

  • Unami, Lodge 1, Philadelphia Council formed in 1915
  • Trenton, Lodge 2, located across the river from Philadelphia in Trenton, New Jersey.  This lodge would later be known as Sanhican Lodge and was formed in 1919
  • Pamunkey, Lodge 3, formed in 1919, located in Richmond, Virginia.  This lodge did not attend the 1921 Grand Lodge meeting and would disband and use a different fraternal society and then re-chartered as Nawakwa Lodge
  • Ranachqua, Lodge 4, formed in 1920, located in The Bronx, New York
  • Indiandale, Lodge 5, formed in 1921, located in Reading, Pennsylvania.  This lodge would change its name to Minsi Lodge in 1922
  • Umpah, Lodge 6, formed in 1921, located in Uniontown City, Pennsylvania.  This lodge would change its name to Wagion.
  • Moqua, Lodge 7, formed in 1921 at Owasippe Scout Reservation of the Chicago Council.  This lodge would merge with the four other Chicago lodges to form Owasippe Lodge in 1929.
  • Unalachtigo, Lodge 8, formed in 1921 at Camp Biddle, a Lone Scout camp for Philadelphia Council.
  • Cowaw, Lodge 9, formed in 1921, chartered in 1922 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey.
  • Wawonaissa, Lodge 10, formed in 1921 in Fanwood, New Jersey.
  • Pamrapaugh, Lodge 14, formed and chartered in 1921 located in Bayonne, New Jersey.