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Our History

Arthur Schuck

Profile - Arthur A. Schuck

Arthur A. Schuck was one of several early pioneers of the Order of the Arrow who went on to have a long and distinguished professional Scouting career. Schuck entered Scouting in Newark, New Jersey as a Scoutmaster in 1913 at the age of 18. He became a professional Scouter in 1917 and subsequently became the Scout Executive for Reading Council, Reading, Pennsylvania. While in Reading, Schuck became acquainted with the Wimachtendienk and determined it would be a good fit in his council and their Camp Indiandale. E. Urner Goodman came to Reading to initiate Indiandale Lodge (Indiandale changed their name to Minsi Lodge the following year) as the fifth lodge on June 1, 1921. Schuck immediately assumed the role of Gegeyjumhet, the Supreme Chief of the Fire. Later that year Arthur Schuck attended the first meeting of the Grand Lodge and was elected the Order’s first Grand Lodge Treasurer. On July 28, 1922 Arthur Schuck traveled to Treasure Island and became the first official Third (Vigil) Degree member from outside of Unami Lodge. Schuck’s Vigil name was Wulapeju meaning “The Just”.

In 1922 Arthur Schuck and Minsi Lodge hosted the second Grand Lodge Meeting. Arthur Schuck defeated Carroll Edson in a tight election to become the second Grand Lodge Chieftain of Wimachtendienk. Later in 1922 Schuck was reassigned to the National Office in New York City. In 1931 he became Director of Operations working along side his old friend Goodman who was Director of Program. As Director of Operations, Schuck was in charge of the 1937 National Jamboree. In 1942 Schuck was one of three Arrowmen to receive the Distinguished Service Award.

In 1948 Schuck became the third Chief Scout Executive. Schuck served as Chief Scout with distinction through 1960 and received the Silver Buffalo Award from the BSA and the Bronze Wolf Award from the World Scout Committee. Schuck passed away in 1963 at the age of 67.