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Arrowman Service Award

Arrowman Service Award

The Arrowman Service Award was an active Order of the Arrow (OA) award from 2001 through 2003. The purpose of the award was to increase service to the Boy Scouts of America by Arrowmen. To earn the award, Arrowmen had to complete tasks oriented towards three overarching goals:

1. Personal
2. Chapter/Lodge Activity
3. Service.

Arrowmen had to remain active in their unit, earn Brotherhood, attend certain lodge or chapter events, and either serve as an Elangomat or work on a chapter, lodge, or council service project. The award was a white ribbon with a red arrowhead attached on the bottom. The arrowhead had a compass face affixed to the front. Arrowmen earning the award subsequent times would be awarded with a device to wear on the ribbon. The award was worn as a temporary device on the field uniform.