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Our History

1974 National Planning Meeting First Region Chiefs

National Conference Planning Meeting - First Region Chiefs Elected

In 1974 the National Planning Meeting returned to Schiff Scout Reservation, Mendham, New Jersey. Holding the meeting near the national headquarters was cost effective and efficient. Brad Haddock from Hi-Cha-Ko-Lo Lodge, Wichita, Kansas was elected National Chief. Brad Haddock would later be the only youth National Chief to later serve as National Committee Chairman. Eddie Stumler, who had previously served as a Deputy Conference Vice Chief was elected National Vice Chief. Deputy Conference Vice Chiefs selected were Jim Barbieri, Keven Bowling, Kerry Cheesman, Kevin Holloway, Larry Leach, Tom Trzybinski and Charles Wisdom.

For the first time since the days of the Grand Lodge, region chiefs were elected. Unlike in the 1930s these were youth chiefs.

The first six region chiefs elected were: Ron Amen - North Central Region Chief, David Avant - South Central Region Chief, Kerry Cheesman - Western Region Chief, Peter Grimm - Northeast Region Chief, Max Miller - East Central Region Chief and Bruce Sanders - Southeast Region Chief.