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Our History

100th Anniversary 2010 National Jamboree

2010 National Jamboree and OA Involvement

The 2010 National Scout Jamboree was held at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia, from July 26 to August 4 with the theme “Celebrating the Adventure, Continuing the Journey”. There were 43,434 Scouts who participated in the Jamboree.

The 2010 National Scout Jamboree was a major success. With strong participation and incredible enthusiasm, the OA had great results from the four different programs areas.

The first area, the Mysterium Compass, served approximately 25,000 Scouts. More than just a show, over 300 staff members helped stage the five different acts of the “your life is like a compass” experience. The acts taught Scouts about teamwork, obstacles that may occur in life, to experience the results of being lazy, and an obstacle course to simulate the challenges of life, and a final act that brought everything together. Scout’s started their Mysterium Compass experience by entering a “Vault” that included a spectacular display of historical memorabilia and items provided by the Scouting Century Foundation. Adults could browse around the Vault while Scouts moved into the Mysterium Compass.

PACEsetters (Personal Accountability and Commitment to Excellence) was a new addition to the Jamboree, and a total of 960 Scouts completed the program. Scouts had to complete a study guide while visiting twelve fitness stations, four of which challenged Scouts physically. The reward for completion was a PACEsetters colored dog tag, a membership card, and their signature on the member board.

The OA Indian Village was also very popular, and many Scouts earned the Indian Lore merit badge. Different vignettes were available for Scouts to learn more about American Indian cultures. The OA Indian Village conducted two Pow Wows during the Jamboree, and Scouts were encouraged to bring their own regalia and participate.

The OA Service Corps provided support throughout the Jamboree. Composed of 161 Arrowmen from across the country, the team provided thousands of hours of service. Duties were varied as in the past and ranged from helping out at the pool to distributing 100,000 bottles of water at the arena shows, and then cheerfully picking up all of the litter afterwards.