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OA Alumni Day @ NOAC Overview

  The OA Alliance Team       May 28, 2022

Join the OA Alliance at NOAC

Lodge and Section Leaders, 

Last fall, the OA announced the launch of the OA Alliance, the OA’s alumni association. The OA Alliance is excited to offer a new way for alumni to reconnect at NOAC 2022 via OA Alumni Day! 

OA alumni are any OA members 18 or older who have not paid lodge dues in two years or more, and are automatically considered a member of the OA Alliance. The OA Alliance’s mission is to re-engage these alumni with our program, with the goal of encouraging them to rejoin a lodge. Learn more about that mission with this FAQ

Most Arrowmen count NOAC as a formative Order of the Arrow experience - the exciting program, fellowship with other Arrowmen, and shared experiences with their contingent lead to memories that last a lifetime. For many Scouters who can’t dedicate the time to attend as a contingent or staff member, those experiences have traditionally been out of reach.

For a nominal fee of $75, OA alumni can attend a one-day, special NOAC program which will include meals, activities, the evening theme show, and exclusive merchandise. The program concludes with a private off-campus networking event. For more details on this special program, visit here.

Participating alumni should plan to arrive Sunday evening, July 24, and depart Tuesday, July 26. Alumni will need to coordinate their travel and accommodations. While participants do not need to be dues-paid members of the BSA to attend, registration for this program requires consent to a standard background check and proof of Youth Protection Training completion.

The NOAC experience is going to be better than ever this summer: help ensure your alumni have the opportunity to rediscover the spark that lies latent within them.

Do you have any interested alumni? Contact us at and we will assist with the registration process. Their prospective reactivation that begins tomorrow starts with your leadership today! 

Yours In Scouting,

The OA Alliance Team