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Memorabilia Auction at NOAC 2018

May 15, 2018     NOAC Navigator     NOAC 2018

During NOAC 2018, a memorabilia auction will be held to benefit the national Order of the Arrow endowment. The live auction will be held on August 2 from 4-5pm; there will also be an eBay "silent" auction starting on August 1 at 7am and ending August 2 at 9pm. Items up for auction include a green DSA (awarded prior to 1965), a 6” Summit Circle dedication patch from April 2016, and a BSA 100th commemorative sash. Winners will be contacted the evening of August 2. Pickup of items won by NOAC participants will be the morning of August 3, and items won by remote bid will be mailed on August 3.

The national endowment provides long-term financial support for programs such as the OA High Adventure, ArrowCorps5, SummitCorps, Lodge Service Grants, the Get Kids to Camp Partnership, and preservation of the Order’s history. If you would like to donate items to the auction, please send them to Ray Capp (9 Warwick Lane, Nashville, TN 37205). Upon receipt of your donation, an acknowledgement will be provided on OA letterhead. Thank you!

For more information about the auctions, view this flyer.