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Lodge Ledger: Early Ideas for Promoting NOAC 2015

  May 19, 2013       Lodge Ledger       Centennial 2015, NOAC 2015

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NOAC in 2015 will be the most attended National Order of the Arrow Conference in history. Given the awesome opportunity to celebrate the Order's 100th anniversary with thousands of other Arrowmen, we want to make sure you have all the resources to recruit as many people from your lodge as possible.

First, lodges need to stress the importance of going to NOAC and the opportunities that come with gathering together with thousands of Arrowmen. To bring the objective into perspective, NOAC holds the best trainings around the nation, the most exciting games ever conceived into the minds of Boy Scouts (which is saying something), flash mobs of epic proportions, and so much more. Added to this are the contributions of your lodges with the greatest ceremonialists around the nation and well-known dancers of all divisions. Such dancers may be juggling around rings in a hoop dance or doing backflips in the fancy dance. All around, NOAC is the greatest event put on anywhere by the Order of the Arrow.

It is messages like these that persuade members to sign up. Start a NOAC 2015 committee now and begin polling for interest in the program while pushing the exciting events of previous years through your own programs and publications. Starting early is also very important in maximizing membership at NOAC 2015. This time, the OA is using the Centennial Challenge program to help lodges bring as many Arrowmen as possible to the conference. Additionally, lodges should provide scholarships when possible to allow more Arrowmen an opportunity to attend.  Some lodges take money left over at the end of each year and contribute it to their scholarship fund. NOAC has the ability to heavily impact lodges on the large scale and have the ability to go deeper inside the Arrowman and unlock his potential and passion for the OA and for Scouting in general.