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Lodge Ledger: Centennial Blaze #1 - Centennial Challenge

  March 27, 2013       Lodge Ledger       Centennial 2015

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Arrowmen arrive at the 2012 National Order of the Arrow ConferenceTo celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow in 2015, plans are being made to host the biggest and and most exciting National Order of the Arrow Conference in history. The goal is to provide as many Arrowmen as possible the chance to hang out with 10,000 of their closest friends; in this spirit, the Order is launching its Centennial Challenge!

How this works:

Every lodge across the country is eligible to bring as many Arrowmen as they can to NOAC 2015, which will be held from August 3-8 at Michigan State University. The first step in the Centennial Challenge is to set an attendance goal for your lodge. Here are a couple of suggested goals for your lodge to seek maximum participation:

  1. Bring at least 6% of your 2013 recharter membership; or
  2. Bring 15% more than your lodge’s participation at NOAC 2012; after all, fifteen blazes led us to the circle!

Select the option that best fits your lodge and its members. The key is to provide every opportunity to as many of your members as possible to attend NOAC 2015. For those few lodges that were unable to attend NOAC 2012, consider a realistic and attainable goal that fits your lodge. If you need help, consider checking with your section adviser or Centennial Guide (details below).

The Order is heavily committed to your lodge and its success at recruiting for NOAC 2015. A few resources have been developed to assist you in the Centennial Challenge:

  1. To assist lodges' journeys to the 2015 conference, every lodge has been assigned a Centennial Guide who, like Kitchkinet, can "guide" your lodge throughout the Centennial Challenge. This guide will be in contact in the near future with your lodge to discuss goals and plans.
  2. Centennial Updates will be emailed to key lodge leadership on a regular basis between now and NOAC 2015. These updates will be packed full of the best ideas from around the country on how to recruit more lodge members for NOAC. They will also include promotional materials for lodges to use.

Updates and more ideas on how to reach your Centennial Challenge goal and share the fun and excitement of NOAC 2015 will be coming in the near future!